District Conservation Easement Program Resource Needs Survey

Is your District ready to take the next step and setup a program or reinvigorate an existing conservation easement program?

Does your District require additional resources to help make your conservation easement program a success?  Please fill out this survey to let us know your needs.  We will use the results to help formulate a possible proposal to source funding to support your conservation easement program.  Thank you!

Questions? Amanda Sand, Executive Director asand@ncsoilwater.org

1) Software for Program Management(Required)
Is your District interested in program management software that consolidates all conservation easement information in one central location, such as Landscape (https://landconservationsoftware.com/) ?
2) Software for Program Management(Required)
If you answered Yes to #1, does your District currently have funding to purchase or do you require a grant?
3) Software for Program Management(Required)
If you answered No to #1, please give more details as to what you currently use or intend to use as methods for tracking easements in your District.

4) Monitoring Equipment(Required)
Is your District interested in a drone for easement monitoring and stewardship?
5) Monitoring Equipment(Required)
If you said Yes to #4, what items would you require to support the use of that drone? Check all that apply
6) Monitoring Equipment(Required)
If you said No to #4, tell us more. Check all the apply.
7) Training and Certification(Required)
Is your District interested in resources to support certification and training through Land Trust Alliance (https://www.landtrustalliance.org/) ? This could be in the form of a mini-grant to cover initial membership costs, trainings, etc.
8) District Listening Sessions(Required)
Would your District be interested in a monthly or quarterly forum to allow for discussion and troubleshooting of issues within your conservation easement program as well as to share your successes?

9) Ready for Next Step(Required)
Is your District ready for the next step in establishing a conservation easement program or reinvigorating an existing program? If so, please include your contact information below.
Please let us know.
What is your position/role?