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Livestock Waste Management: Innovative Fertilizer Production

Animal Waste Fertilizer Conversion Cost Share Program

Purpose:  To provide cost share grants for eligible entities to assist with the engineering, design, and installation of processing equipment on- or off-farm to turn generated sludge in on-farm lagoons into fertilizer products, intermediaries, and soil additives.

Prospective Applicants should consult the linked program documents for specific requirements.


  • This program is prospectively funded by a $4,000,000 grant from the North Carolina General Assembly via the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services.  The Foundation is in the process of securing the contract at this time.

Current Work: 

  • As of June 25, 2024, the Foundation is now accepting applications of interest on a rolling basis.

Accomplishments: More information to come soon!

Information for Prospective Applicants

Program Flyer

Program Summary

Eligibility Requirements (Exhibit A)

Program Timeline

Phase I Screening Application – Web form (a paper version of the Phase I Screening Application is available upon request)

Phase II Application (currently a proposed DRAFT)

Program Agreement (currently a proposed DRAFT)



Program: Amanda Sand, Executive Director, NC Foundation for Soil and Water Conservation (919) 510-4599
Program: Dewitt Hardee, Agricultural Programs Coordinator, North Carolina Grange
Technical: Dr. Mahmoud Sharara, Waste Management Extension Specialist and Assistant Professor, NC State University (919) 515-8242